Phuket 5 Star Resorts for the Holidays: Cape Sienna Phuket Hotel and Villa

The holidays are a great time to schedule an extended vacation. If you want to stay in Phuket, you have plenty of options. There are so many beautiful places that you can visit here. As for accommodations, you can choose from luxurious villas and conventional hotels. If Phuket 5 star resorts are what you have in mind, the Cape Sienna Phuket Hotel and Villas is a nice option.

The hotel boasts a great view of the beach and is among the Phuket resorts that are famous for their impressive services and luxurious accommodations. The whole property is very tranquil, with a typical ambience of an exclusive Phuket 5 star resort. This is a stunning complex that is nestled amidst the lush greenery, providing a different kind of vantage point for all its guests. The beach is simply spectacular, and guests can just laze around in the sand, while watching the sun set at the horizon. This is a seemingly magical place that is fit for a romantic getaway or a blissful retreat. The ambience and the sights make this the ideal place to spend your holidays.

Like most Phuket 5 star resorts, this hotel features some of the most impressive restaurants. For your meals, there’s the Sienna Rocks and the Plum Restaurant. Both restaurants provide guests with an intimate setting that highlights the amazing beach view. This is the perfect opportunity to try some of the popular traditional dishes that they serve in the island.

For extreme privacy, the villas are highly recommended. These living spaces are beautifully secluded and are very intimate. The best thing is that, they are spacious too and decorated using elegant themes that incorporate traditional elements. The rooms are done in a way that the view is highlighted and unobstructed. Picture windows make it look like there is no barrier between the outside and the inside. This is the best place to really recharge your batteries. Imagine waking up like this early in the morning. Imagine the cool morning breeze greeting you and the sun shining slowly, creating a sparkling effect on the water surface. It is just so amazing. The colour scheme matches the superb beauty of the beach and instantly relaxes the mind. Your stay here will surely revive your energy.

kiteboarding in phuket

As it is among the famous 5 star Koh Samui luxury villas, guests can only expect the best when it comes to facilities. The hotel has all the modern amenities you might need to make your stay comfortable. There’s a lounge where guests can relax with friends. There’s also a spa, where one can have a thorough pampering delivered only by a team of experts. Visitors can take advantage of their spa packages to get even more value for their money. The exotic massages and the soothing facial treatments are highly recommended. There’s also a fitness centre that is filled with the most advanced exercise facilities.

This resort offers top notch service combined with world class accommodations. If you want to experience Phuket at its finest, check this out and have the holiday you’ve always dreamed of.

Things to Do in Phuket

Phuket for the Outdoorsy: Kiteboarding in Asia

It’s always fun to be able to spend time in a place where you can indulge and forget about work for a while. Having a break is essential for one to be able to recharge his batteries and be able to accomplish more. This is why it is only right that you make time for vacations with friends and family. One popular destination right now is Phuket, Thailand. Over the years many travelers visit here to be able to luxuriate in the warm weather and be able to spend some time in its turquoise waters.

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This lovely island is far from boring and is among Thailand’s best places to be. If you have the chance to take a long break and are thinking of the ideal destination where you can do so many different things, consider Phuket. While here, guests can have fun at the beach—build sand figures, have sunset walks, and get a natural golden tan. Guests can also go on a cruise and explore the hidden corners of Phuket.

In Phuket, there is an activity for all kinds of energy levels. People who are only interested in water sports will definitely enjoy kiteboarding. In Asia, this is becoming even more popular by the second and if you are interested in taking a kiteboarding lesson, Phuket is a good place for that. The oldest kite school in the country is located in Phuket.

Both men and women will be able to enjoy this thrilling water activity. Once you have had your fill of the laidback island activities like shopping, food tripping, and sightseeing, it’s time to ready yourself for a more challenging activity like kitesurfing. In Thailand this is well known sport because the country is rich in water areas and strong winds that are essentials for kiteboarding.

Don’t be intimidated by this sport. There is no reason to. If you are fond of heavy action and like to feel your blood pumping as the strong winds whip your hair, you will enjoy every minute of your kiteboarding in Phuket. It doesn’t matter if you are a total amateur or you have a slight background of the sport. As long as you have a qualified expert to teach you, learning this is possible.

In Phuket, everyone will certainly have a great time. It’s very tropical climate makes it perfect for being out in the sun and enjoying the beauty of nature. If you’re tired of the usual, you may want to try kitesurfing. This is a really cool sport that involves being pulled by a giant kite. It involves some skills, like most extreme sports but you can easily enroll in a kite surfing school Phuket to know everything there is to know about the sport. Since it was launched, it claimed its rightful spot in the world’s most exciting water sports. If you have a great surge of energy and if you dare to fly high and take yourself to new heights, take a lesson now. You will love it. For more information about Kite School in Phuket, visit KBA.